How To Ask Critical Thinking Questions

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A candidate who accepts that some of the decisions made turned out wrong is great so long as they explain how lessons learned were used to avoid the mistake again.

You can pick out good candidates depending on the role by noting the candidate’s ability to: The above critical thinking interview questions will help you find candidates who think critically with an autonomous mindset — a candidate who seeks to innovatively and creatively solve problems and improve processes at your company.

For example, in the question: “Explain a time when you had to solve a problem without all the resources.” The candidate should demonstrate initiative and resourcefulness in this question.

The candidate should explain how they used the available information, analyzed the situation by breaking down the problem, considering the outcome of using various actions, investigated the issue, acted on the chosen activity and whether they reviewed the results.

The traditional job interview is not enough to determine if a candidate has what it takes to fill a position.

Asking critical questions helps to determine if a candidate will meet the expectations and requirements of the role.

Critical Thinking becomes more “critical’ in today’s “VUCA” digital new normal. Because we all have a cognitive bias, whether individually or collectively, such truths derived by imperfect people using imperfect processes will necessarily leave a measure of uncertainty.

Thus, any question, whether perfect or imperfect, will by definition be imperfectly answered or unanswered.

These questions will require the candidates to use past experiences or analytical skills to provide answers.

A variation of these questions will give insight into how the candidate thinks and makes sound judgments.


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