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As the ship began to sink, the clerics proffered their life jackets to others and went down into the icy deep: Through the pandemonium, according to those present, four Army chaplains brought hope in despair and light in darkness. One who remembers that moment is Sanders, who said to a CNN town hall on April 22: Franklin Roosevelt made this point…in 1944, in a State of the Union Address that never got a whole lot of attention, this is what he said basically.It was a very profound speech toward the end of World War II. Bill of Rights protects your freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and all that stuff, great, but you know what it doesn’t protect?

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In the minds of many, the fabled arsenal of democracy became the hated war machine.

And thus it was that Senator George Mc Govern, the dovish Democratic presidential nominee in 1972, deliberately chose to downplay his war heroism: he had piloted or co-piloted 35 B-24 bomber missions over Hitler’s Europe, yet nobody knew it.

And speaking of one such room, we’ll soon be able to see George Clooney’s TV miniseries adaptation of Joseph Heller’s 1961 novel, might be thought of as anti-war, though war veterans loved it.

This author well remembers one old bomber crewman—no dove and not much of a reader—who nonetheless read the novel 10 times.

Yet the nation as a whole was not going to turn its back on what the nation as a whole had just accomplished.

As one tiny measure of the ubiquity of memories, we might note that a photograph of the Marine flag-raising at Iwo Jima found its way inside a conference room of the Truman White House’s Council of Economic Advisers.

Of course, as with any great historical event, the memory of World War II has gone up and down.

Immediately afterward, controversies concerning the conflict—starting with the precise circumstances of Pearl Harbor—rumbled through the culture.

Thus it was, too, that Archie Bunker, the fictional antihero of the CBS sitcom , which premiered in 1971, was made into a World War II veteran, as well as, of course, a bullying buffoon; even his war injuries were played for laughs.

From such a nadir, it was inevitable that opinion over the war would be revised upward.


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