Great Depression African Americans Essay

The federal government was in the best position to initiate and coordinate national efforts among public, private, and nonprofit sectors of society.As the crisis deepened, progressive leaders and average Americans increasingly demanded that the federal government take greater responsibility in relieving and preventing poverty.

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Automobiles, electricity, radio, and mass advertising became increasingly influential in the lives of average Americans.

Automobiles, once a luxury for rich Americans, now gave industrial workers and farmers much greater mobility.

Reminiscent of the food riots during the breakdown of the feudal system in Europe, this looting became widespread by 1932. Then, some staff cars, and four trucks with baby tanks on them, stopped near the camp.

Demonstrations by the poor demanding increased relief often resulted in fights with the police. They let the ramps down and the baby tanks rolled out into the street…. Each had a gas mask and his belt was full of tear gas bombs….

These were hard-working people who fully shared the values and ideals of the American dream, people who had enjoyed the strong economy of the 1920s and had bought the homes, refrigerators, and automobiles.

The sudden and severe downturn of the American economy left many of these people in shock and denial. Between 19, unemployment in the United States jumped from 3.2 percent to 24.9 percent, almost a quarter of the official labor force.

Private nonprofit organizations such as Community Chests, although valiant in their effort, were overwhelmed with requests, unable to meet the needs of their communities.

State and local governments, ultimately responsible for their poor throughout American history, now looked for financial assistance.

During this period, consumer spending declined 18 percent, manufacturing output dropped 54 percent, and construction spending plummeted 78 percent.

Eighty percent of production capacity in the automobile industry came to a halt.


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