Google Adwords Case Study

There’s no question that more new clients now have a Bing Ads accounts with some sort of activity running.

However, the percentage that do not, but do have a Google Ad Words account, is still surprisingly high.

As the landing pages, information in the ads and the search queries were all pretty much identical, it suggests that the characteristics between the two groups of users were different.

Big claim: Bing users are more likely to convert when on your website…shocking!

All joking aside, this isn’t a new insight as there have been so many examples that suggest this, although I’m personally yet to see a clear difference of this magnitude, which makes this example stand out.

Also, this isn’t always true, as I, along with other PPC specialists, have seen Google users convert better in other cases.

We were tasked with optimizing the Google Adwords account for a Southern New Jersey business-to-business electronic devices company.

After a complete audit of the account, we identified five key tactics that we would employ in order to optimize performance while maintaining the same budget.

Before we measured performance of the Bing activity, we needed to get the account in a state which best positioned it to achieve the objective of lowering the CPA.

So, as a starting point, we took three of the best performing campaigns in Google and mirrored them as closely as possible in Bing, just with a much smaller budget.


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