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In 1749, Benjamin’s scientific pursuits were highlighted as he invented diverse gadgets, to wit: the Franklin stove, “swim fins, the glass harmonica (a musical instrument) and bifocals” (US History, par. Franklin led dynamic life for his nation to follow in future.He played a great part in independence of the America and promoting nationalism in American people.

Repetition is a style that is always used when one wants to create some sense of musicality, memorability, emphasis or create some stress on an idea.

(Ishizuka, Kenkichi, and Takehisa Onisawa, 13)In this case, the author has utilized the style of repetition to present the four meanings.

The author has used a number of stylistic devices that contribute majorly to the theme. The whistle has been used figuratively in the story.

Benjamin Franklin consistently reveals how he perceived objects to be purchased as “whistle” or as “time with value.

With the passage of time, Ben became the United Statess most prominent literary journalist.

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Interaction design thesis In the early years of its formation, the books of the company were kept in the homes of the librarians.In an excerpt, he suggests that when he saw another fond of popularity and constantly engaging themselves in political bustles while neglecting his own affairs, he would compare himself with such a man and conclude that the man is paying too much for the whistle, something he would not want to do.The author has further used the repetition in the entire work.Though he lived three centuries after the renaissance, his eclectic interests, and ability to achieve the highest level of proficiencies in all of them makes one think of the famous renaissance men of centuries earlier. No authors have been mentioned for the first two websites while the third one has been authored by Rev. The website is published by the Independence Hall Association (IHA) which is a non-profit organization in Philadelphia. for his own.....cultural and national pride of the Americans is evident in The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.It is clear that the cultural pride of the nation and its citizens has been so natural in the system that it is found the hardest element in life to live away from.At the first instance, the author makes emphasis on the whistle, to inform the reader to develop strong imagery on it.In another instance, the word whistle is repeated to break the boredom of the continuous narration. (“Literary Elements and Hidden Themes in The Whistle by Benjamin Essay”, n.d.) Literary Elements and Hidden Themes in The Whistle by Benjamin Essay.Franklin proved mastery in science, public services and great insight about business.He was the founder of American philosophical society.Politicians, judges, and lawyers regularly invoke the thoughts and perspectives of these individuals in justifying policy and legal decisions.While perhaps not as universally esteemed as Thomas Jefferson or George Washington, Benjamin Franklin nonetheless is one of the most valued thinkers in the American intellectual tradition.


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