Good Country People Essay

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" She never valued the "good" part of "country people," but like her mother, she assumed the phrase meant "simple." He responds with his own clichéd tirade.

"I may sell Bibles but I know which end is up and I wasn't born yesterday and I know where I'm going!

She would make these statements […] as if no one held them but her […]" Her statements are so vague and obvious as to be almost meaningless, except, perhaps, to convey an overall philosophy of resignation. Hopewell hired the Freemans because they were the only applicants for the job.

And still another, the most important, was: well, other people have their opinions too. Freeman would say, ' I always said so myself.' Nothing had been arrived at by anyone that had not first been arrived at by her." The truth is that Mrs.

Pointer replied taking the wooden leg home with him.

Pointer was not a bible sales man, rather a con artist that travels town to town stealing people valuables. Manley Pointer like every great con artist has to win the heart of his victims before ex...

Hopewell seems to want to reshape the Freemans in the image of her favorite platitudes, she also seems to want to reshape her daughter.

That she fails to recognize these as clichés suggest how little time she spends reflecting on her own beliefs. The man who served as their reference openly told Mrs. Freeman was "the nosiest woman ever to walk the earth." Just as Mrs.

“Good County People”, is told through the interactions of this dysfunctional gaggle of ladies, and their chance encounter with the Bible selling con-artist Manley Pointer.

It is a story of a few not so, “Good Country People.” The ironic quality of each character’s name is apparent immediately.


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