Fluency Homework

Fluency Homework-22
In Guided Reading, students are encouraged to think about what the words they are reading mean.As your child reads, help him or her work through unfamiliar words by talking about where he or she has seen them before or providing an example.

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Shared Reading is a group reading experience where all readers can follow along together.

At home, choose a story to read to your child as he or she follows along with you.

As your child is able to recognize words easier, he or she can focus on what is being read rather than identifying individual words.

With ongoing practice, his or her reading will become less choppy and more natural-sounding.

For students with low reading fluency, picking up a book at home isn’t their idea of fun. Unfortunately, without this practice, students who struggle with reading have difficulty improving those skills.

Children who struggle with reading generally avoid reading aloud in class.With our tutors’ personal approach and their ability to connect with young readers, you’ll watch your child’s reading ability accelerate to the next level and his or her confidence soar.You may even find yourself voicing words you’ve never said before: “Please put your book down.Choral Reading helps students practice reading aloud by reading along with another person or group.Choose a book or text that is at your child’s reading level, and have him or her follow along as you read first.Echo Reading is a type of repeated reading that involves your child following along, word by word, while you read aloud.Once you have finished, have your child read the same passage.Before you start, read the title and talk about what your child thinks the book will be about.As you are reading, talk with your child about what certain words mean, how they relate to the photos, and whether your predictions were right.Then, have your child read the same passage back to you.Re-read the passage together again until his or her reading is quite fluent. Find audio readings of books that your child can listen to as he or she follows along.


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