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When Una learns of his plight, she recruits Arthur to kill Orgoglio and rescue Redcrosse.On the road again with Una, Redcrosse succumbs to “Despair.” Una guides him to the House of Holiness, where he recovers his spirit, discovering his true identity is St. They finally arrive in Una’s kingdom; Redcrosse slays the dragon, and he and Una become engaged.

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The virtue of “Temperance” and its patron knight, Sir Guyon, prevail in Book 2.

Guyon and his companion, Palmer, come upon Amavia, nearly dead from an act of suicide.

Soon thereafter, the magician Archimago bewitches Redcrosse into believing Una is unchaste, and he leaves her.

While Una continues to travel with a protective lion escort, Redcrosse falls under the spell of the witch Duessa and lands in the giant Orgoglio’s dungeon.

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They arrive at the castle of Medina, a woman of pleasingly balanced temperament, and they entrust the infant to her care.

After scuffles with the brothers Pyrochles and Cymochles and an escape from the temptress Phaedria, Guyon visits the Cave of Mammon.

They overpower Acrasia, destroy her evil paradise, and liberate those held captive.

Book 3 emphasizes “Chastity,” as embodied principally by the female knight Britomart.


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