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With the spread of Christianity, clothing in medieval times became modest.Although the basic tunic style dress was still used, it became longer and sleeves were added.

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Although haute couture garments are very expensive, their sales are usually very high due to their high publicity and the elegant and high status that come with them.

A simple blouse for example will cost from as much as $10000 in a Houte Couture house.

In ancient times clothing was simple, based more on function than style.

Men and women wore a big rectangular piece of wool six feet wide and about a foot and a half taller than the person.

About every 10 years a totally new kind of dress is in style. Inventions and good economy bring many changes with it. Fashion often seems to go in a big loop repeating itself over and over again. s fashion has changed and gone from fancy to simple and easy to wear.

In the 20th century fashions change as quickly as lightning because of mass production and fast moving society.

Today the fashion industry is one of the largest industries in the world.

Major fashion capitals in the world today include Paris, New York, London and Milan.

The wool was wrapped around the person and pinned on the shoulder with a broach.

Fabric was mainly white or off-white, but never bright colored. Hair was mainly worn in braids or covered by fabric draped like a hood.


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