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Many also consider the work as a kind of continuation of Homer’s epic The Iliad. Eventually, he returns home to Ithaca, after ten years of war.

In each instance, Odysseus also exhibits acute bravery and courage, as well as a yearning for others' safety above his own.

All these amazing characteristics prove Odysseus to be a hero, looked upon as an incredible warrior and an idol to the people of his time.

But war does not form the major theme in the Odyssey. We learn that he has been trapped by the beautiful Calypso at her island.

He has no means of escaping and longs for his home and family.

But what stands out in The Odyssey is Homer’s depiction of characters, especially Odysseus. He thinks before he acts, which is makes him admirable and competent.

Unlike typical heroes Odysseus’ has the gift of intelligence, in addition to brute force.

By sheltering the women from the violence and gore of the plotted massacre, Odysseus reveals a soft spot and a genteel side of his personality.

Of all of Odysseus' heroic traits, the two most commonly exposed are bravery and sagacity.

One very important aspect is the importance of gods, goddesses and pinity.

Throughout the story the gods help the characters, or show their wrath for them.


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