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A donor must be at least 17 years old and in good health, and weigh at least 110 pounds.Furthermore prior to donating, a donor is obliged to pass health history and physical history reviews.

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The wider ban had been in place for 32 years, ever since the AIDS epidemic began to escalate in the early 1980s. Peter Marks, the deputy director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, said last December that the 12-month window was based on “the best available scientific evidence” and the practices of other nations.

(The United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand have similar policies.) Anyone who has received a blood transfusion or has been exposed to another person’s blood accidentally must also wait 12 months before donating blood.

Regrettably, in most cases we do care when the disaster is near.

Then we urge from outside help and seek the ways out of situation.

Blood donation should therefore be perceived as mutually supportive process everyone should be aware of.

Our knowledge and spreading it to others can reap many benefits in the long run.The American Medical Association commended the FDA for those guidelines at the time, saying that they balanced public outreach goals with the need to safeguard the blood supply.But Volberding said the FDA’s position might be based on old fears and stigmas that don’t reflect current science.The process is entirely in most countries assuming that donors are willing to help others.“It is important that the voluntary, unpaid blood donation become part of our culture – that’s why more people should join the donor actions”. The practice of blood donation is widespread worldwide, and the 14 of June is acclaimed as the World Blood Donor Day.If a blood bank wanted to set a shorter waiting period than 12 months, he said, “we would generally want to see what evidence they were using, and we’d make an individual determination based on that.” It was not clear on Sunday whether any blood banks had sought permission to change the waiting period.One blood bank that was rumored to have ignored the federal guidelines later tweeted that it had not.Donating blood is a safe process while sterile needles and bags are applied to collect blood and therefore the infection spread to the donor impossible.The US regulations, for instance, allow donating blood once per 56 days.There is a constant need for regular blood supply because blood can be stored for only a limited time before use.Regular blood donations by a sufficient number of healthy people are needed to ensure that safe blood will be available whenever and wherever it is needed.


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