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It guaranteed that the government would not be able to take away weapons from citizens as the British did at the end of colonial rule.

Massacres in American schools happen so often in recent time that they already began to resemble a tragic soap opera.

One story replaces another, scenes and participants change, but the sad ending is imminent.

A rich and influential National Rifle Association strengthens the appropriate moods.

After the carnage in Parkland, there were those who argued that the problem is not at all in the wide access to firearms.

The shooter was earlier expelled from this school because of problems with discipline.

A fire alarm sounded ten minutes before the end of the lesson.In addition, he openly declared the desire to commit an attack, including on police officers.This bloodshed in America has triggered the discussion of the issue of control of the firearms circulation in the US to raise again, which was unsuccessfully promoted by the predecessor of Trump, Democrat Barack Obama.One of the Trump's main campaign slogans was the defense of the second amendment to the constitution - the Americans' right to own weapons.President reproaches democrats for their attempts to deprive the country's citizens of this freedom.Children joked that if someone could attack a school, it will be Nikolas.The mathematics teacher in whose class the boy studied in 2016 said that Cruz was "quiet" and "problem-free".It is obvious that there were reasons for worrying, suspecting something wrong and possibly to prevent a tragedy."He was always depressed, talked about weapons and often tried to hide his face," recalls one of boy’s comrades from the school.Some of his friends remember that Cruz had problems with other pupils and was worried by the fact that he did not receive any help from the pedagogues.However, last year he was banned from entering the school with a backpack after teenager threatened other students.The same alarming signs were noticed by law enforcement agencies in social networks where Nikolas published photos with guns and cold steel.


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