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It poses Vonnegut’s essential question: What are people for? The story moves from one intensely spotlit moment to the next, one idea to the next, without delay or filler.The prose is equally efficient, with a scalding syncopated wit: “‘I told her that you and she were to be married on Mars.’ He shrugged.Now Vonnegut is making up the rules as he goes along.

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Everything is automated, and a privileged caste of engineers, selected through a ruthless system of aptitude testing, runs the show. The first page contains fourteen paragraphs, none of them longer than two sentences, some of them as short as five words.

The average person, benevolently provided for by his betters, lacks nothing other than purpose, dignity, self-respect and meaningful labor. “He just finished his National General Classification Tests,” says a character about his son. There were only twenty-seven openings, and six hundred kids trying for them.” With its idled masses made superfluous by technologically driven gains in productivity, the novel is, if anything, more relevant than ever now. It’s like he’s placing pieces on a game board—so, and so, and so.

“It was about firing a spaceship with a warhead full of jizzum at Andromeda.” But never mind; the words cast their spell, the layout is forgotten and Kureishi’s question is answered. Some of them are worse than I remembered, but some of them are even better.

The volumes begin with , to Vonnegut’s time in the public relations department at General Electric.

Ron Hubbard, a man who started writing science fiction but decided he was writing Scripture.

* * * Rumfoord, too, is an artist, though his métier is theater.(Shields’s biography is badly written and none too penetrating in its literary insights, but it seems to have been thoroughly researched and is, in any case, the only one we have so far.) After a few increasingly sour years puffing nuclear power and home appliances—“Progress Is Our Most Important Product,” went the company slogan—Vonnegut decided to imagine what the future General Electric was trying to create would actually look like.As its title suggests, describes a society in which the vast majority of people have been rendered obsolete by machines.Those old mass-market paperbacks you used to find him in, with their trippy covers and flaky pages, 50¢ used? Now here he is, decked out in the publishing equivalent of black tie: appendices, chronology, annotations, textual notes and a page layout, as the Library of America boilerplate puts it, “designed for readability as well as elegance.” Elegance?There’s a story in the second volume called “The Big Space Fuck.” “I think I am the first writer to use ‘fuck’ in a title,” Vonnegut once boasted.He had also studied anthropology, an experience, he later said, that “confirmed my atheism, which was the faith of my fathers anyway.Religions were exhibited and studied as the Rube Goldberg inventions I’d always thought they were.” Now machines were taking control, so we needed to pretend that something else was in control.The protagonist, Malachi Constant, the richest man in the world; .” And Salo, the Tralfamadorian robot astronaut, three-eyed, three-legged, four and a half feet tall, the color of a tangerine and more human than any human.Vonnegut’s imagination would henceforth be his superpower.Each knows something about the other that the other doesn’t know about himself.“Don’t you.” Rumfoord’s religion (with Constant as Christ) is called the Church of God the Utterly Indifferent.


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