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It is very difficult to Blanche to tell the truth and admit that she is somewhat insane.She believes that by altering her age, moral strength and self discipline, within her illusions, will help her fulfill her aspirations.If you wish to view the free essay of A Streetcar Named Desire (Illusion VS Reality), you must donate an original essay to our web site so that we can grow our collection of free essays, book reports and term papers.

Fantasy on the hand involves imagining and putting ones shoes in situation that are not actually attainable given current situation. She comes to Elysian Fields “dressed in a white suit with a fluffy bodice” and “incongruous” to the New Orleans state which portrays reality (Murphy 8).

The play Streetcar named desire presents various cases of illusion and fantasy as portrayed by various characters. To those who would judge Blanche by her look, she would appears as glamorous queen of the highest class but this represent fantasy and fairytale.

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The tittle too depicts conflict between illusion and reality.

The word “streetcar” and the inspired quality of aspiration portrayed in “desire” shows juxtaposition of antagonizing subject of dreams and realism (Murphy 8).


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