Essay Skills Needed Effective Teacher

Developing the skill sets to become knowledge workers allows teachers to embrace the changes and challenges they are faced with.

Teachers who commit to ongoing and dynamic further learning mindsets, making the most of the affordances of social learning methodologies and cultivate a desire to embrace change and think differently are modern and productive knowledge workers. (2013) Affective commitment among knowledge workers: the role of pay satisfaction and organization career management, The International Journal of Human Resource Management. The future of learning: preparing for change, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, JRC European Commission.

Writing this might make me a marked man in the eyes of many academics. You can make a living creating You Tube videos, posting pictures on Instagram, tweeting out 280 characters of passing thoughts.

Saying “essays are useless” is enough to summon hordes of tweed-clad humanities professors to riot in the streets and demand my head. These are challenging careers that can be very rewarding. Teachers continue to push academic essay writing as though it were the most critical task you’ll ever undertake.

What’s more, kids actually started enjoying the class. The way we teach writing at every level needs to be rethought. Districts place a great deal of importance on academic essay writing.

I didn’t get rid of essays outright, but looking back, I wish I had. We don’t use a horse and carriage for travel anymore. Because we’ve developed better alternatives over time. Even I’m guilty of arguing their significance in the past.

More programs should emphasize practical knowledge. Instead, they focus on dated or useless material while forcing students to churn out stacks of essays in order to pass. For years I stood in front of my students and lied to them. In theory (like many things in academia) essays should be effective. My last year, I had everyone in my class share their essays with me on Google Drive right at the beginning.

Over and over again, I emphasized the importance of academic essay writing. Unfortunately, pragmaticism devours ideologies before breakfast. This meant that all 90-ish of my students shared the documents that would eventually turn into their essays with me.

This essay was completed for the subject- INF530 Concepts and Practices for the Digital Age, as part of my Masters of Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation) studies.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 International License.


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