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Wethersfield, the cold Puritan society of Connecticut, where religion rules everything from parties and husking bees to courting.

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She must put away her colorful dresses brought from Barbados and wear the drab colors that are standard in Wethersfield.

Before coming to America, she swam in the warm Caribbean waters; now she finds that swimming in New England is suspect and that the waters are as chilling as the society.

Historically, this is the time of the Setting witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts.

The opening chapter introduces the The events of the tale begin in April cultural contrasts between the warm, 1687 and continue through the friendly island life of Barbados and the following spring.

Kit Tyler, a rebellious orphan who has grown up in Barbados, moves to Connecticut and is soon exposed to the restrictive rules of Puritan society.

In her new home, she frequently finds herself in conflict with her Uncle Matthew.These domestic confrontations point up some of her conflicts with Puritan society at large, for Kit is temperamentally unsuited to following other people's rules.To survive she must curb her impulsiveness, and when she cannot she suffers "helpless rage." Kit's difficulties in adjusting to her new surround ings culminate in her being tried on the principal scene of the action, is several charge of witchcraft.miles south of Hartford, Connecticut, near the banks of the Connecticut River.Please note that these questions do not cover everything in the chapters.Besides this book, they also have writing, grammar, and other assignments for my class, so I don’t want to give them too many questions.The Witch of Blackbird Pond is the first novel we studied last year in our 7th-8th grade English class at co-op.My students (and their parents) have really enjoyed this book the two years we have done it.Kit meets her uncle, a strict and sometimes grumpy man named Matthew Wood, her aunt, a sweet and caring woman named Rachel, her cousin Judith, a picky and vain young lady who’s otherwise kind, and her other cousin Mercy, a tender and loving girl who lost one of her legs when she was young due to a fever.Judith likes a rich boy named William, but one day at church, William sees Kit in her fancy clothes and starts liking Kit.She desperately travels there on a ship called the Dolphin, where she meets a gentleman named Nat.She and Nat have a very playful relationship, Nat always has a mocking grin on his face and Kit occasionally flirts with him on the boat.


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