Essay On Peace In Pakistan In Urdu

Pakistan has full potential of progress and can reach among the top developed countries of the world only if it can solve corruption issue. This essay reveals all aspects of corruption in Judicial System, Police Department, Public Services, Land Administration, Tax Administration and others.All information collected here is from sources includes US Department of State, World Bank Group, Reuters, Al Jazeera, World Economic Forum and many others.Corruption is almost a problem in every Government organization in Pakistan including Police, Wapda, Railway, Steel Mills, PIA and others.

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As everyone knows it well now that corruption is main cause of all problems in Pakistan or other societies in the world. If you are looking of root causes of Corruption in Pakistan then you are on right place.

You can get here complete information about this NGO and read essays about corruption in Pakistan in Urdu and English.

Contact With Syed Adil Gilani Chairman Transparency International Pakistan at second floor, Khayban e Ittihad, DHA, Karachi or by Phone Number: 021-35390408 or by email: Although corruption is a big issue in every country of the world but in some countries its graph is much higher than others.

Anti Corruption department is set to stop this issue but the nation is still facing this problem.

Every new government of Pakistan also include this issue in their manifesto before elections but when they come in power nothing changes and no big fish are caught.These events have soured the peace talks immensely.Inclusive information about Essay on Corruption in Pakistan in Urdu and English.During the times of Independence Jinnah and Gandhi had overheated discussions, moreover around five hundred thousand Muslims and Hindus were murdered in riots following the partition.Millions of Muslims living in India and Hindus and Sikhs living in Pakistan emigrated, it was a massive transmissions of population till today.You can use these essays in all types of exams including CSS, BA or any others.Know here current corruption perception index and read essay about corruption in English.Pakistan is facing different types of issues but Corruption is at top of this list.know more about causes of corruption, essay and other facts and figures below.Pakistan was established as an Islamic republic and India became a secular nation.After this Independence, India and Pakistan had formed diplomatic relations but the effects of the fierce partition and territorial conflicts kind of suppressed the diplomatic relationship.


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    Inclusive information about Essay on Corruption in Pakistan in Urdu and English. You can use these essays in all types of exams including CSS, BAKnow here current corruption perception index and read essay about corruption in English. Pakistan is facing different types of issues but Corruption is.…

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