Essay On Non Farming Activities

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This laudable objective could not only improve the well being of our farmers but can also be a trigger to boost agri-based manufacturing growth in rural India.

But it is also important to have a debate on how best to achieve this objective. Doubling farmers’ income implies increasing income form crop cultivation.

At the current 3-per-cent growth rate it would take 25 years to double farmers’ income.

If a large number of agricultural households are connected to mass consumption markets — both domestic and global — the objective of doubling farm income doesn’t seem daunting.

There is the need to involve the under-employed adults in rural households in low-skilled non-crop activities that integrate output from these activities into the existing or future markets.

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Central to this approach is creating a market-place that supports a rural enterprise which is partly agricultural and partly non-agricultural.

We need a similar catalyst for the lowest end of the income spectrum among rural households.

The goal should be to double incomes of rural, farm owning households in the bottom quartile income.

They can dedicate their efforts in agriculture and use the revenue collected from the industry to come up with development projects.

Also, through agriculture, rural communities are able to sustain themselves by creating employing eliminating the need of locals to travel to cities looking for employment.


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