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So you only need to choose a topic once and can then do multiple lessons, play multiple games and take multiple tests without having to select your subject topic again.Germany's absolute advantages are the high percentage of arable land, which is 33%.Germany's comparative advantages are the iron ore and the coal.An example topic is given below: Parts of the body Click on the "1.Start" button in the top navigation bar - that brings you to this topic selection page.[tags: germany, german culture, dutch] - Many symbols and components of the American culture such as the Christmas tree, gingerbread houses, valentines, and the tooth fairy actually derive from “the heart of Europe” (Steckler, 2012).Germany is a highly populated country in Europe, composed of 16 states and is known for its’ breathtaking sceneries, oceans, and mountains (Steckler, 2012).Germany exports many goods such as machinery, vehicles, chemicals,...- Germany is a country of its own uniqueness and beauty.Germany's only natural disaster is the chance of flooding.Germany's natural resources include: iron ore, coal, potash, timber, lignite, uranium, copper, natural gas, salt, nickel, and arable land.


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