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Because of these traits Oedipus was able to solve the riddle given to him by the Sphinx.When this riddle was solved he acquired great popularity and power.

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He was then challanged into a riddle of his own where he had to find out the truth of his past and the fate of his future.

By solving this riddle he lost all the power and glory, left to be exiled and become a beggar in another land.

Oedipus is self-confident, intelligent, and strong willed.

Ironically these are the very traits which bring about his tragic discovery.

They think the world revolves around them and think they are the best.

They are always going to be successful but suddenly will drop down.When avenging Jocasta's previous husband, and his true father, King Laius' death, he was blinded by his pride to the concept that perhaps he was the murderer.Two of the most note worthy parts of Dramatic Irony in Oedipus the King is how both Jocasta and Oedipus are trying to differ the prophecy of the Oracle.In an attempt to comfort Oedipus, Jocasta tells him that the Oracle is powerless; yet at the beginning of the very...In the Greek tragedy, Oedipus Rex, Sophocles is able to generate the interest of the audience through a new interpretation of the classic myth, and the use of poetic language and dramatic irony.Dramatic irony occurs when the audience knows certain things about the situation that the characters on stage do not.For example, in Oedipus Rex, the audience knows from the beginning that Oedipus killed his father and married his mother. Colonus had its own legendary heroes, one of which was the center of “three of Sophocles' most famous tragedies”, Oedipus.The combination of the tragic hero’s character traits and the storyline he or she follows make the tragedy an actual tragedy rather than a depressing story with a sad ending.In Sophocles’ Oedipus the King, Oedipus embodies the traits that a tragic hero should have, including being greater than the average man and possessing an ultimately benevolent character, while also following the plot line that a tragic hero must by coming to A man's actions are truly his own. In order for a man to be considered noble he must possess outstanding qualities and show these qualities through his actions.There was no way for him to break the strings, he evaded death, ran away from home, just to take his father’s life and wed his mother; The Irony? So all in all, everyone knows when their time in life starts, but nobody knows when it ends . As Robert Fagles argues in his introduction to Oedipus the King (143 et hoc), Oedipus represents the transition between savagery and A story of fate versus free will, innocence versus guilt, and truth versus self-denial, Sophocles laces Oedipus the King with suspense through his use of dramatic irony and achieves an excellent tragedy.The drama opens and we meet Oedipus trying to figure out why his land is cursed and his people suffering.


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