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Human error includes not reading instructions or definitions.Quality assurance edits used to check for both completeness and accuracy can be broken into three categories: validity, reasonableness, and warning.

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Stricter edits generally result in more edit failures which generally lead to higher operational costs.

Warning edits can be used to highlight content that is in the tail of a bell curve. These edits generally require the data submitter only to acknowledge that the data are correct.

Data collected directly from the owner (primary collection), such as through a survey, tend to need a more robust data quality program because no one else has cleaned the data.

Data obtained from a vendor or organization (secondary collection), such as the government, tend to need less cleaning to be usable because the data have already gone through a data quality process.

The focus on analytics, Business Intelligence (BI), and big data tools has grown over the last 10 years. At its simplest, data quality can be broken into two categories: completeness and accuracy.

But new tools don’t negate the adage ‘garbage in, garbage out,’ so, while these tools can make it easier to obtain insights, a data quality program is key to any successful analytics or BI program. Completeness refers to ensuring that all expected data are received. Completeness and accuracy can be subjective and should be guided by the organization’s needs such as maximizing profit or legal and safety requirements.In this sense, several authors consider the data cleaning as one of the most cumbersome and critical tasks.Failure to provide high data quality in the preprocessing stage will significantly reduce the accuracy of any data analytic project.The data preprocessing is an essential step in knowledge discovery projects.The experts affirm that preprocessing tasks take between 50% to 70% of the total time of the knowledge discovery process.Alternatively, if you ask the student to include the location, dates, and activities, you’ll gather more consistent information and be able to draw intended conclusions.At its simplest, data quality can be broken into two categories: completeness and accuracy Imprecise or unclear definitions: Clear definitions remove ambiguity and the need for interpretation.Possible strategies include: 1) make it easy to provide accurate data including instructions and a user friendly interface, 2) explain how the esoteric benefits help the provider, and 3) provide data or resulting analysis that is useful to the provider.Human error: Possibly the most common problem is typos, recording data in the wrong column or row, truncation, transposing values, invalid values, or incorrect formats.Primary data collections have several common causes of data quality problems including: Vague instruction: Providing clear instructions on what and how to report helps ensure that the data can be used for the intended purpose(s).For example, if you instruct 100 children to write an essay titled ‘my summer vacation,’ you’ll get a lot of information, but it will be inconsistent, and it’s unclear if you’d be able to divine any valuable insights.


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