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Such politicians have to depend on bureaucrats in key policy-making decision.So it is obvious that it is bureaucrats who really pull the strings in such governments.The inexperienced military had to compromise with the bureaucracy.

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The judiciary is a purely bureaucratic organization.

So it is manifested that the bulk of the government of a country comes from the civil servants or bureaucrats.

The above criteria of bureaucracy describes the finest set of rules for bureaucrats.

Max Weber saw bureaucracy as a necessary development of the modern world. are bureaucratized in the west, as well as the government department and large-scale industrial concerns.

His bureaucracy is developed along with shifting from a “traditional” towards a predominately rational- legal orientation in all aspects of social life. He thought socialism with its planned economy, to be essentially bureaucratic he expected a form of what we would now call state capitalism to become dominant over the developed world.

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Since Weber’s day it has become increasingly clear that this “ideal” type of bureaucracy seldom exists and is not necessarily more efficient than others when it does.

They tend to ignore its pejorative sense and refer it only to á corrupt manifestation of a useful general principle for organizations of efficient goal-oriented human interaction.

The word “bureaucracy” stems from the word “bureau”, used from the early 18th century in Western Europe not just to refer to a writing desk, but to an office, i. “Characteristics of Bureaucracy” Bureaucracy refers to the management of large organizations characterized by hierarchy, fixed rules, impersonal relationships, rigid adherence to procedures, and a highly specialized division of labor.

Bureaucracy Essay – Introduction: Bureaucracy is the government conducted by paid officials. Bureaucracy in its most general sense describes a way of organizing the activities of an institution so that it functions efficiently and impersonally.

Its functions : To function well every nation as well as the govt.


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