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I spoke to my father of my hand copies, then Read the tablet to him, (and) my father was pleased; Truly I found favor with my father.

In the tablet-house, the monitor said to me: "Why are you late?

What was in charge of the courtyard said "Write," .

(said) "Why when I was not here did you not keep your head high? Who was in charge of drawing (said) "Why when I was not here did you stand up? Who was in charge of the gate (said) "Why when I was not here did you go out?

Who was in charge of the Sumerian (said) "You spoke. I neglected the scribal art, [I forsook] the scribal art, My teacher did not.

Farmers in Mesopotamia grew barley, wheat, lentils, chickpeas, onions, garlic, dates, and lettuce. Southwest Asia had more wild plants that could be domesticated than any other region, and they had the same advantage when it came to animals.

13 out of the 14 main domesticated animals today were native to Southwest Asia. People in Mesopotamia domesticated sheep, goats, cows, donkey, oxen, and pigs. to school." "Give me his gift, let him direct the way to you, let him put aside counting and accounting; the current school affairs the schoolboys will. You have shown him all the more obvious details of the tablet-craft, of counting and accounting, You have clarified for him all the more recondite details of the. Because you gave me that which you were by no means obliged (to give), you presented me with a gift over and above my earnings, have shown me great honor, may Nidaba, the queen of the guardian deities, be your guardian deity, may she show favor to your fashioned reed, may she take all evil from your hand copies. Nidaba, the queen of the place of learning, you have exalted." O Nidaba, praise! His father, with joyful heart says joyfully to his "school-father": "You 'open the hand' of my young one, you make of him an expert, show him all the fine points of the scribal art. like good wine, bring him a stand, make flow the good oil in his. .-vessel like water, I will dress him in a (new) garment, present him a gift, put a band [a ring] about his hand." They pour out for him. The teacher with joyful heart gave speech to him: "Young man, because you did not neglect my word, did not forsake it, May you reach the pinnacle of the scribal art, achieve it completely. Young man, you "know" a father, I am second to him, I will give speech to you, will decree (your) fate: Verily your father and [mother] will support you in this matter, As [that] which is Nidaba's, as that which is thy god's, they will present offerings and prayers to her; the teacher, as that which is your father's verily will pay homage to you; in the … You have carried out well the school duties, have become a man of learning. An Arid climate receives less than 10 inches of precipitation (rain, sleet, or snow).Arid areas are usually covered in desert and often experience very high temperatures. Ancient Mesopotamia was a green land where many plants grew due to the rich soil and occasional rain. My teacher (said) "Your hand is not good," caned me. Of your brothers, may you be their leader, Of your companions, may you be their chief, May you rank the highest of (all) the schoolboys, . Nomadic people don't have a permanent home, so farming forced people to settle down and live in one place.These new farmers usually settled along a river for the fresh water and fertile soil, in this case the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.Eventually these rivers would provide irrigation for the farms of the first civilization in human history.The word Mesopotamia is Greek for 'land between rivers'.


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