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The bad news is that security is rarely at the top of people's lists, although mention terms such as data confidentiality, sensitivity, and ownership and they quickly become interested.

The good news is that there is a wide range of techniques that you can apply to help secure access to your system.

Security access control (SAC) is an important aspect of any system.

Security access control is the act of ensuring that an authenticated user accesses only what they are authorized to and no more.

Students and professionals below the age of 35 can now submit entries to the IAEA’s 2020 International Essay Competition on Nuclear Security for Students and Early Career Professionals in cooperation with the International Nuclear Security Education Network (INSEN).

Essay Database Security Case Studies In Healthcare Management

The contest is part of the IAEA's International Conference on Nuclear Security: Sustaining and Strengthening Efforts, taking place from 10 to 14 February, 2020 at IAEA headquarters in Vienna.

The bad news is that as Mitnick and Simon (2002) point out “…the human factor is the weakest link.

Security is too often merely an illusion, an illusion sometimes made even worse when gullibility, naivette, or ignorance come into play.” The go on to say that “security is not a technology problem – it’s a people and management problem.” Having said that, my experience is that the “technology factor” and the “people factor” go hand in hand; you need to address both issues to succeed.

The goal of authentication is to first verify that the user, either a person or system, which is attempting to interact with your system is allowed to do so.

The second goal of authentication is to gather information regarding the way that the user is accessing your system.


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