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She said, “The The play, 'Death of a Salesman', uses Willy Loman's frequent day dreams to give the audience insight into his mind.Viewing the hallucinations allows the audience to see important events in the Loman families past and also provides justification for the actions of the characters in the 'real time' of the play.

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“To derive full benefit, (adults need to provide the time, the resources and sometimes the ideas to start the children off or help them continue play).

In this way their learning can be extended in a myriad of ways and all through play”, Macintyre, (20).

The essay will then explore various early childhood educational theories that support or acknowledge the role played by scaffolding, the view of children as learners capable of constructing meaning and the importance of teacher presence in a play based curriculum.

The essay will examine scaffolding through the child’s successful matriculation can be in jeopardy. Why is there a strong emphasis to involve families in the schools? As previously stated, the importance of family involvement in the classroom cannot be understated.

They will not value play as a ‘crucial’ part of learning.

As an alternative of allowing their children to play they would force them to be seated all day and work.This basic idea is built on top of the theory that if gender is a natural given making in children’s play.First, the essay will briefly introduce the concept of scaffolding and its importance in children’s development.Melinda is good at shooting free throws, which is fitting because free throws are rewarded to a person when he or she has been fouled.Melinda was “fouled” and she acknowledged the significance of shooting free throws in her life at the time.The key issues that apply to this theme are; education, how play has changed risk and challenge.Education affects a child’s play and learning, as parents who aren’t well educated may not know the importance or benefits of play and the impact it has on learning.Children before then didn’t have toys or gadgets, so would play with whatever they... The length of time depends on the persons and his state, sometimes one like to pray more.Islam considers many activities in life as worship such as cleaning your house, working.Also to maybe include recommendation of what video games are not recommended for students according to their age.Violent video games may be a negative influence in a child life.


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