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The minor provides a strong foundation in advanced manufacturing which can lead to a career in industry or graduate degrees.

The minor provides a strong foundation in advanced manufacturing which can lead to a career in industry or graduate degrees.

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Students who graduate from the program are also well qualified to enter into professional engineering careers.

The courses offered are of high standard; only students with superior ability in, and aptitude for, mathematics and science can expect to succeed in them.

The Engineering Science program is designed for students primarily interested in the application of science to modern technology, and who wish to prepare themselves for careers in applied research, advanced engineering design or teaching.

This program provides excellent preparation for post-graduate work in a wide range of specialties in engineering, science and mathematics, and as many as one half of the graduates proceed to graduate study.

Our definition of bioengineering is broad, reaching to all areas at the interface of engineering and biology.

This includes bioprocess engineering, environmental microbiology, biomaterials, tissue engineering, bioelectricity, biomedical imaging, biomechanical engineering, nanotechnology related to medicine and the environment, and engineering design for human interfaces.While the topics may appear primarily to reside in the disciplines of computer engineering and computer science, the topics of AI and ML now apply to all disciplines of engineering, such as projection of future road-traffic patterns, applications in industrial automation and robotic control, or the use of AI/ML drug discovery, to name just a few examples.All U of T Engineering undergraduates (except students in the Engineering Science Machine Learning Major) are eligible to participate in this minor.Of the 4 elective courses, at least 2 must be from the Advanced category.c.Either a Thesis or Design course can count for up to two (half year) electives towards the 6 required courses IF the Thesis or Design course is strongly related to bioengineering.This requires approval by the Director of the Minor.The Undergraduate Bioengineering Minor is a collaborative effort across the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering and is open to Engineering students interested in learning more about biology and its application to engineering.Petitions for meritorious substitutions in the fourth year of a student's program will be considered within the general constraints imposed by the current timetable, by course prerequisites, by the minimum of approximately 2.5 weight units per term, and by the concepts of academic validity, provided that the engineering science and engineering design content is not reduced.All students enrolled within this Program are eligible to apply for admission into the Skoll Program. Students accepted into the Skoll Program are required to consult with their Undergraduate Student Counsellor on the composition of the 4F courses that will be required.This requires approval by the Advanced Manufacturing Minor Director.d) Some Departments may require students select their electives from a pre-approved subset.


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