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What admissions is really asking here is this: what is the most important thing we should know about you? This prompt is about something that has influenced you. You shouldn’t focus so much on explaining what your favorite fiction/nonfiction work is that you forget to write about your growth.musical changed the way you think about historical figures, and now you want to examine historical and political figures.Your choice of topic, and what it communicates about you, is everything.

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For instance, do a lot of our problems stem from the ignorance or misunderstanding of a situation?

While not every problem-solver is a STEM major and not every analyzer is a humanities major, you more than likely fall into one of these categories. As a nine-year-old, I was astonished at how a natural disaster could impair a small landmass.

Applicants who can articulate their thoughts and feelings while showcasing malleability and willingness to thoughtfully consider the ideas of others will likely stand out as valuable additions to Emory University.

If this prompt jumps out at you because you have a very specific story to tell or opinion to voice, run with it!

Watching a documentary about nature could have sparked your passion for environmental sciences.

Telling the admissions office that you created a club or made a computer program because of the work will show how much you liked it more than just saying that it moved you.” moments that forced you to drastically reexamine a long-held belief.As you tell your story, include sensory details to make your experience defending the need for gender neutral bathrooms at your school or challenging Prince Harry’s suggested ban on Fortnight come to life.Admissions wants to know why a certain work of art is meaningful to you, and how it connects to your identity, history, or values. Be careful to avoid self-aggrandizing or pandering choices rather than writing about works that truly speak to you.As with all supplemental essays, your goal should be to use this prompt as an opportunity to tell admissions something new about yourself through your relationship to a particular piece of art. Don’t write about Charlotte Brontë unless you genuinely feel connected to her life and work.Whatever you do, try to avoid subjects other students will likely flock to. Emory wants you to tell the world who you are in a pithy, tweetable 150 words! Take advantage of this quirky opportunity by infusing your response with #Hashtags and/or a more informal, conversational tone.MLK’s “I Had A Dream” speech is incredible, but it might not make for the best topic here — unless, of course, you have a highly personal story that connects to that moment. This might seem like an impossible feat, but we promise it’s very doable. Perhaps you are interested in creating a free mountain biking app that offers in-depth, local trail information and ratings to fellow biking aficionados in your area.As you consider this prompt, ask yourself what is important to you that you want more people to know or learn?Your overall goal is to convey what drives you to learn about the subject you want to pursue. After reading about health issues like infectious disease and HIV, I wanted to get involved in public health.Let Emory know why you want to learn and what goals you want to achieve. I admire that public health has a direct impact on developing countries, where populations are denied access to vital resources.


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