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Every paper you write—expository, analytical, argumentative—should have a main point or central message. (If you are writing an argumentative paper, check out my blog on claims.) See offensive. I only had about 1,500 students throughout my teaching career, but hey, I would take a free $900 anytime.

You have insulted your readers’ intelligence when you write like that. Yes, you did the math correctly: only about 600 students (40%) wrote a thesis statement without those tiresome, boring phrases before I taught them not to.

If your thesis states that your paper will be about the importance of student participation in sports, you should not discuss the rules of soccer in your paper, as this discussion is not directly germane to the thesis you laid out.

Erin Schreiner is a freelance writer and teacher who holds a bachelor's degree from Bowling Green State University. Schreiner previously worked for a London-based freelance firm. She currently teaches writing to middle school students in Ohio and works on her writing craft regularly.

Do not make an overly broad statement in your thesis, such as, "Animal cruelty is bad." Instead, compose a statement that is direct and to the point, such as, "Animal cruelty has an impact on all humans." By composing a specific thesis statement, you increase the likelihood that you can effectively prove your argument.

When you begin your essay with a thesis statement that attracts interest, you engage your audience and entice them to keep reading.

This thesis statement doesn’t have a narrowed, specific focus. Revision Options: The 5 paragraph essay For those of you required to follow the standard five paragraph essay, your teacher may expect you to outline the sub-topic for each of your body paragraphs.

(I did when I taught this structure to beginning or junior high writers.) Example #1: The Spanish Inquisition, which brought terror to the Iberian peninsula, began as a quest to convert the heathens, but it had more materialistic, racial, and political motives.

(Clear Focus: analyze how Mitt Romney used 3 specific rhetorical devices to meet his purpose) In an effort to ground my ethical criticism–so as to not make it too abstract and simplistic as to say whatever does not offend or grate my personal standards–I have created five criteria for ethical consideration: (1)contains a message intended to enrich societal values and life, (2) presents all actions with subsequent consequences, (3) demonstrates role-models or examples readers can follow and learn from, (4) advocates the beauty and wonder of life, and (5) portrays each individual passage as distinct and valuable parts of the whole.

(Clear Focus: inform reader of the writer’s five criteria when determining if a literary work is ethical or not) “The life of the typical college student is characterized by time spent studying, attending class, and socializing with peers”(Purdue OWL).


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