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Most otolaryngologists use either a head mirror or illuminated spectacles with a Thudichum speculum to open up the nose, which allows examination of the nasal cavity.

Holding the instrument comfortably can take practice at first.

Mild cases of infection can be treated quickly with paracetamol (for example, Panadol, Dymadon, Tempra).

Do not give regular paracetamol medicine for more than 24 hours without seeking advice from your doctor.

Note the condition of the canal skin, and the presence of wax, foreign tissue, or discharge.

The mobility of the eardrum can be evaluated using a pneumatic speculum, which attaches to the otoscope. Move the otoscope in order to see several different views of the drum; it is not always possible to see the whole drum in one single view using an otoscope. In a normal drum the following structures can be identified: The nose can be inspected from the front to examine the anterior nares by lifting the tip of the nose up and looking inside without a speculum.Your child must keep taking the medicine, even if they seem better after a day or two. Other medications, such as decongestants do not help middle ear infections.Content on this website is provided for information purposes only.You may find one of our health articles more useful.A modern electric otoscope/auriscope with its own light source is primarily used to examine the ear.By the age of six, most children have grown out of middle ear infections and are not likely to suffer long-term problems.Infection can cause: Children usually recover from mild infections in three to five hours, although your child may feel tired afterwards.Modern otoscopes are designed to use a disposable speculum.It is necessary to fit the correct size of speculum to achieve the best view; it is tempting to use a small piece for ease of insertion, but this simply restricts the image available.A foreign body, usually accompanied by an offensive unilateral discharge, may be seen inside the nose of a child.A mirror and headlight or an endoscope instrument are used to view the nasopharynx (the postnasal space, which contains the Eustachian tube orifices and pharyngeal recess (of Rosenmüller) and may contain adenoids or nasopharyngeal cancer), but this is not always possible during a routine examination. Look for large nasal polyps and tumours arising from the soft palate.


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