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” In other words, try to think about the following: The theme means much more than what comes to mind at first.When composing your work, feel free to be creative.For example, the areas surrounding Kanazawa, where the Creative Cities Network Meeting was held, are known for their satoyama landscapes and satoumi seascapes, which are places where long-term interactions between human production activities and the surrounding nature have produced a diverse mosaic of land and sea uses.

From this description, it might be tempting to think that biological diversity leads to cultural diversity but not vice-versa.

But in fact, the causality can work in both directions, meaning that cultural diversity can actually lead to higher biological diversity.

Diversification of livelihoods in turn results in a wider diversity of habitats within the landscape, from rice paddies to coppiced forests to maintained grasslands to sustainable fisheries and human settlements.

A multi-year survey called the Japan Satoyama Satoumi Assessment found that the diverse forms of land management practiced over long periods of time in satoyama and satoumi have led to higher levels of biodiversity in these areas.

that are related to nature and are integral to indigenous peoples and local communities around the world.

Empirically as well, greater cultural diversity has been shown (for example, in this study) to correlate with biodiversity hotspots.

The contest’s objective is to make our future leaders aware of social problems at an early age and to think globally.

The Contest is geared towards having students in middle and high schools think about and express their own perspectives on issues of diversity as well as be involved in solving social problems in our community and the wider world.

Each student may submit only one work in each category. The participants have to send their works by May 31st, 2019, at 5pm. Winners will be announced on June 18th, 2019 via our Instagram account and website. The awards ceremony time and venue will also be announced via same platforms.

The concept of biocultural diversity— the coming together of biological and cultural diversity—is receiving more attention recently along with an awareness that elements of cultures all around the world are deeply rooted in the nature, or biological diversity, around them, and that greater cultural diversity comes with greater biological diversity.


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