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Research and reports on community college students often focus on their deficits and failure rather than their achievement and the factors that contribute to their success.

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What happens when children co-construct their own identities through image-making?

Framed within critical childhood studies, this work positions young children as a distinct cultural group worthy of study (Bazalgette & Buckingham, 1995).

The findings of this dissertation reveal that the literacies and knowledge of the young people in this study are etched on and within their bodies, shaped by their lived realties, grounded in land, and transcend generations and borders.

Further, this study grapples with the implications for examining literacies in community spaces, de-centering school, and looking towards young people as collaborators in efforts to trouble and rupture colonial ideas of teaching and learning. S., classroom teachers are faced with an increasing number of students from linguistically diverse populations.

the model minority discourse), as well as how Korean immigrant families make sense of them.

Community-based educational spaces represent rare opportunities for immigrant communities to assert agency over their children’s education, counter the assimilative processes young people encounter in schools, and socialize youth into their ethnic and cultural communities.The youth in this study cross and navigate borders, their families have been displaced by colonial projects, many of their lives have been criminalized, and their humanity called into question.Yet, this study responds to the urgent call within educational research to highlight the ways in which im(migrant) young people are producers and holders of knowledge, have agency, and above all, are human.The children’s photographic practices lend insight into the potential for participatory research The unexplored voices of the “New African Diaspora”: An examination of the racial and ethnic identity profiles, academic performance, perceived teacher discrimination, and immigrant advantage of 1.5 and 2nd generation Nigerian and Black American adolescents Because African immigrants and Black Americans share identifiable phenotypic characteristics, such as skin color and hair texture, many researchers and educators have assumed that high school students in both groups have a monolithic Black identity, and have similar educational experiences and ways of coping with oppression, institutional racism, and discrimination.However, this body of scholarship has failed to acknowledge the increased ethnic diversity among Blacks in the United States—particularly the rising African immigrant subpopulation.Though services for bilingual learners are readily available, minimal supports exist for students who speak a nonmainstream dialect of English upon their arrival in school.This quantitative study analyzes data from a national survey of school based speech-language pathologists (SLPs) in order to investigate the effect of training and on SLPs’ knowledge/awareness and opinions/attitudes about African-American English (AAE).Study 1 prepares the foundation by addressing measurement.Specifically, it assesses whether the survey traditionally used to measure Black youth’s racial identity (Scottham et al.Professional Advancement: Development and Training Opportunities » AERA Funding Opportunities » Minority Dissertation Fellowship Program in Education Research » 2017-18 Minority Dissertation Fellowship Abstracts This qualitative study focuses on the literacies produced, practiced, and embodied among Chicanx/Latinx youth in an im(migrant) housing community.Working at the intersections of Chicana feminisms, postcolonial/decolonial scholarship, critical literacies, and Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR), this dissertation explores spaces for [re]imagining literacy pedagogies as feminist, participatory, and as a way to disrupt colonial narratives and approaches to education that have deemed oppressed communities illiterate.


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