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There is some evidence to suggest that these effects are correlated with the relative importance of formal regulations versus informal community efforts in the community. The third essay, , analyzes the relative effects of groups and individuals within groups in explaining variation in individual harvest decisions for particular institutions, and uses a hierarchical linear model to examine how these sources of variation may vary across institutions. Before embarking on the econometrics, we tested the data series for stationarity using the unit root tests.

There is some evidence to suggest that these effects are correlated with the relative importance of formal regulations versus informal community efforts in the community.

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The study was evaluated using paired descriptive statistics, ra ...

read full abstract ›› Date: The study examines the causal relationship among foreign direct investment, trade, economic growth, and domestic investment in Tanzania using annual time series data from 1970 to 2012.

read full abstract ›› Date: This study aimed at investigating the contribution of mining sector on economic growth in Tanzania.

Annual time series data for the period 1982-2011 collected from the Central Bank of Tanzania bulletins and Ministry of Energy and Minerals was employed.

The research objectives are to develop an empirical characterization of how individual behavior deviates from purely self-interested Nash behavior and to further our understanding of the effects of alternative institutions to promote more conservative choices in common pool experiments.

Groups of five subjects participated in a 20-period common pool resource game framed as a harvest decision from a fishery.The main objective of the study however, was to assess the effectiveness of the Performance Appraisal system (PAS) in Ghana Health Service at the LEKMA Hospital.Performance Appraisal is a major subject of controversy in management circ ...A total of 420 individuals participated in the experiments, with individual earnings averaging slightly more than a day’s wages. The first essay, , develops and tests several models of pure Nash strategies of individuals who extract from a common pool resource when they are motivated by combinations of self-interest, altruism, reciprocity, inequity aversion or conformity. The results suggest that a model which balances self-interest with a strong preference for conformity best describes average strategies. Date: The Ghanaian banking sector has witnessed impressive performance translated in economic and policy trends.It is in this light that a descriptive study design was adopted to measure, describe and analyse the performance of four (4) out of the fourteen (14) domestic commercial banks in Ghana during the period 2009-2015 by focusing on the performance of CAL Bank Ltd, Agricultura ...read full abstract ›› Date: This study evaluated profitability performance of traditional banks; study of pre and post recapitalisation of the banking sector in Ghana.The study made use of data from the three domestic banks in Ghana that are among the players among the 33 commercial banks as at 2016 end in the banking sector in the country.Every group first played 10 rounds of a baseline limited access common pool resource game and then 10 additional rounds under one of five institutions: face-to-face communication, one of two external regulations, and communication combined with one of the two regulations.The two external regulations consisted of an individual harvest quota that was set at the efficient outcome, but differ with respect to the level of enforcement.


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