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Clearly define what students would need to do to earn a four in each category.

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Usually, rubrics are formatted in a grid or table so that students can easily follow them.

For younger students, you can use fewer words and more pictures to help them better understand their rubrics.

For example, in writing, you might create categories for style, voice, mechanics, and organization.

The categories you choose will depend on what your learning objectives are.

Categories will likely deal with the clarity of the thesis statement, the evidence used in the essay, and the structure of the essay.

In today's schools, project rubrics can be especially important!Teachers often look for transparent and dynamic ways to assess student work.A grading rubric is defined as a scoring guide to help teachers and students understand expectations for each assignment, and also enable teachers to assess work fairly.When it comes time for assessment, teachers can return to the rubric with clear guidelines for scoring each student's work without ambiguity or surprises.Rubrics generally divide expectations into specific categories and offer a continuum of possible scores within each category.You might also require a very clear and tidy presentation.Then, go back and describe what a piece of work earning fewer points might look like.Students often appreciate rubrics for how clearly they lay out the expectations and terms of each assignment.Many students look at rubrics while they are polishing their work, and this in turn enables them to be more accountable and independent learners and workers.Rubrics are important for several different reasons.For one, assessment an important tool for instruction.


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