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This implies that creative thinking is a component of critical thinking rather than a separate, though related, thinking process with its own standards of excellence.To classify all "good" thinking as critical thinking is to expand the definition beyond its usefulness and obfuscates the intended concept.Bloom and his colleagues (1956) produced one of the most often cited documents in establishing educational outcomes: The Taxonomy of the Cognitive Domain.

Validated group and individual reports provide comprehensive analysis of strengths and weaknesses in essential aspects of good thinking.

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Originally the dominion of cognitive psychologists and philosophers, behaviorally-oriented psychologists and content specialists have recently joined the discussion.

The purpose of this brief overview is to review what we know about critical thinking, how it might be differentiated from creative thinking, and to suggest future research and implementation activities Definition has changed over the past decade The definition of critical thinking has changed somewhat over the past decade.

Contributors from the area of behavioral psychology help to establish the operational definitions associated with critical thinking.

Define Critical Thinking In Psychology

They work to define the subtasks associated with final outcomes and the methodologies teachers can use to shape initial behaviors towards the final outcomes.

Designed to be used as an independent study by employees, it can also be incorporated into existing training programs.

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There is some evidence to suggest that this equivalent-but-different relationship between critical/evaluative and creative/synthesis thinking is appropriate.

Huitt (1992) classified techniques used in problem-solving and decision-making into two groups roughly corresponding to the critical/creative dichotomy.


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