Cutting Of Trees Essay

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Ruthless destruction of forests has created a lot of imbalance in the global climate.

People have become aware somewhat but are not yet ready to give up their greed for more and more wealth.

When forests are leveled by cutting down all the trees and plants in a big way it is known as deforestation.

Forests help maintain the ecological balance of our environment.

From 1990 to 2000 closed forests lost a lot of land.

The closed forests worldwide lost 34.8 million hectares and other land cover lost 21.6 million hectares.

Today with an increasing population the amount of wood available has declined seriously in recent decades.

People have been harvesting wood to cultivate land, burn, and for the use of raw materials for industry (Urquhart 2014).

Although the environment is crucial for mans survival, man has been destroying it since the beginning of time.

Man has been destroying trees for the use of wood for centuries.


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