Curfew Laws Argumentative Essay

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There is no need to go into detail about the staggering increase in legislation and the difficulty of police field work in every western country since the professionalization of politics, so let us merely apply it to this case.

Germany, in particular, has extensive curfews for teenagers.

By the time many teenagers in Europe are 18, they have already falsified their own IDs in order to get into clubs.

In the US, which has some of the highest drinking-age laws in the world, fake IDs and sneaking around are a way of life.

What applies to the debate about mass surveillance also holds true when it comes to curfews. We should strive to teach our children the values of freedom — that doing whatever we want while not hurting anyone else is liberating, that taking responsibility for our actions is a virtue, and that dealing with these responsibilities is part of growing up.

What we shouldn’t do is give teenagers another set of tutors — in this case, politicians.

Children first have to overcome the rules of their own parents before they dive into figuring out federal, regional, or municipal restrictions.

Any student of law can confirm there is every difference in the world between writing a law and putting it into effect.

At the time, the curfews required the general population to stay calmly in their homes while firefighters put out devastating fires — a policy which, in the times of wooden houses, made considerable sense.

Those familiar with the French language know the word “curfew” stems from its French equivalent, “couvre-feu,” which literally translates to “covering of the fire.”But history took a turn, and in contrast to the hedonist rulers who reigned before the year 1000, 11th century Europe was stuck with ruthless monarchs who were self-absorbed and paranoid over their loss of political influence. The average citizen internalized this habit so deeply that even today, many churches still ring the evening closure.


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