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For example, if I was a HL student and I was preparing to write my Paper 1 essay on the biological approach, I would prepare Radke’s study for hormones to support my central argument about how testosterone affects aggression, as well as Albert et al.’s rat study, and then use Bandura’s social cognitive theory as a counter-argument.I would also plan to use Albert’s study for a possible HL animal extension question, Radke for a question on the use of technological techniques, Albert and Radke for research methods, Bandura for SCT in the sociocultural approach and one or two of these when discussing “Origins of Conflict” in Paper 2.

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For example, if you are evaluating two models of memory, it would make sense to evaluate each one after you explain it, not waiting until the very end. Of course, the more studies you have the more knowledge you can show, but you have to balance this with how much you are revising.

A good strategy is to see how you can use studies that overlap in other areas.

Critical thinking may be described as a disciplined art of putting to use the right approaches and strategies to thinking.

Thus, we can state that critical thinking is a reasonable and reflective form of thinking that is usually aimed at arriving at a decision on what to do or believe.

This will involve evaluation of your explanation and/or the evidence that supports it.

As I’ve written below, you may not wait until the end of your essay to add your critical thinking points – you’ll need to add them where is logical.

This is because developing a critical thinking paper is a critical process which requires high degrees of professionalism.

As a person seeking critical thinking assistance, it is worth buying custom critical thinking papers from highly accredited custom writing companies such as Writing You will never regret getting critical thinking help from us.

So, in order to maximize potential for high marks for all students, I suggest aiming for three studies if possible. The IB outlines the following as guidance as to types of critical thinking points (and these are explained in the textbook in the introduction).

The reason I would recommend at least three different points is that it can fully showcase your range of critical thinking skills.


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