Critical Thinking Competency

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Although design researchers are expected to have this competency independently, Critical Thinking promotes group ideation and task execution as well.Though, it shouldn’t be seen as an opportunity to criticize someone else’s ideas or work.

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Critical Thinking is a competency and method that is applicable to all projects irrespective of the type of solution expected.

Too much thinking can also be detrimental to a project.

In that sense, the objective of Critical Thinking is to strengthen a theory, process, product or service and not to find unnecessary faults to ensure that the ideas or processes collapse.

A mature critical thinker can define project goals, define timelines, set expectations, manage expectations, handle conflicts and collaboratively work with a team to accomplish the project goals.

There is also a common misconception that critical and creative thinking are distinct from each other.

However, Critical Thinking requires some form as well as some level of creativity.

Some researchers can complicate an otherwise simple project by overthinking critical and pose questions when not required.

A mature Design Thinking researcher can be very expensive for a low budget small project.

Here, Critical Thinking is a part of every stage of the Design Thinking process.

Essentially, effective Design Thinking cannot take place in the absence of critical or creative thinking.


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