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As full-time writing teachers, they have a detailed understanding of writing contests, literary journals and magazines, and college writing programs.

If young people are not learning to write while exploring personal narratives and short fiction, it is because we as educators need more training -- or the specifics of the curriculum need development.

It is not because those forms of writing in themselves are of no use.

Phone: 231.276.4720 The creative writing faculty includes full-time teachers who are published and award-winning writers.

Together they have decades of experience in helping young writers achieve their potential.

Educators who are serious about this kind of writing make sure each piece is workshopped until it is compelling. As at New Dorp, the high school profiled in a recent Atlantic article, our students learn transition words, or "coordinating conjunctions," as they write.

In some cases, they begin to grasp these concepts as young as eight years old.In our work, we're reminded again and again that fiction writing is as important as any other genre for children and teens as they learn to write.It not only provides them with a safe space to make sense of the human dynamics around them, but it teaches them writing at the highest level, going beyond lucidity into the realm of literary tension, and then further into humor, narrative complexity, abstraction, and metaphor.In addition to the writers on the faculty, the creative writing program frequently welcomes writers-in-residence who spend a semester working with students and offering new perspectives and insights for Academy writers.Lucy and her six-year-old son called Eddie were walking down their street on the way to the closest shopping mall.They should be given creative assignments as a reward for writing a fabulous research paper.What's more, a piece of fiction can be persuasive, and a memoir can be informative. And sometimes funny, but always surprisingly complex to the outsider.There's a reason fiction and narrative nonfiction outsell all other genres in the U. It's the same reason there are 56 million Word Press blogs and 76 million Tumblrs.Human beings yearn to share, reflect, and understand one another, and they use these reflections to improve the state of things, both personal and public."But I'll set a meeting with my teachers tomorrow to discuss your views and theirs and see where we get." Three hours later, I am still moved and humbled by the principal's thoughtful consideration of a topic so new and strange to her. We had discussed a no-censorship approach for this workshop and the children had immediately come to life when they were told they could write a fictional story about anything they wanted.But by week two, some of the teachers were concerned to see the heavy material that emerged, here and there, throughout the grade, from the special ed class to the "gifted and talented." Human beings young and old love exploring dark, fantastical themes.


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