Cream Er Under Settee Monologue Essay

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Why, the first man or woman from Angouleme who happens to see you would cut your career short in a strange fashion. "If you need me at any time, I am staying with the Receiver-General in the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, two steps away from Mme. I am sufficiently acquainted with the Marechale de Carigliano, Mme. The queen of Angouleme had, in fact, counted upon preserving her incognito.

de Serizy, and the President of the Council to introduce you to those houses; but you will meet so many people at Mme. So far from wishing to gain admittance to this set or that, every one will be longing to make your acquaintance." Chatelet talked on; Mme. "You are right, my dear friend," she said at length; "but what am I to do?

Be very certain first that he for whom you will have given up so much will always be worthy of your sacrifices and appreciate them. d'Espard is the more prudish and particular because she herself is separated from her husband, nobody knows why.

The Navarreins, the Lenoncourts, the Blamont-Chauvrys, and the rest of the relations have all rallied round her; the most strait-laced women are seen at her house, and receive her with respect, and the Marquis d'Espard has been put in the wrong.

If anybody here in Paris knew that you had traveled together, the whole world that you have a mind to see would point the finger at you.

"And, Nais, do not make these sacrifices for a young man whom you have as yet compared with no one else; he, on his side, has been put to no proof; he may forsake you for some Parisienne, better able, as he may fancy, to further his ambitions.

The Baron du Chatelet had spoken the language of worldly wisdom to a woman of the world.

He had made his appearance before her in faultless dress, a neat cab was waiting for him at the door; and Mme.

Many a woman is so extravagant a worshiper that she must always see the god in her idol; but there are yet others who love a man for his sake and not for their own, and adore his failings with his greater qualities. The travelers were set down before daybreak at the sign of the Gaillard-Bois in the Rue de l'Echelle, both so tired out with the journey that Louise went straight to bed and slept, first bidding Lucien to engage the room immediately overhead.

Lucien slept on till four o'clock in the afternoon, when he was awakened by Mme.


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