Corner Store Essay

It was the sweet siren song of the milk bar that led me, at 7 years old, to run away from school.When the last bell rang, my best friend, Sarah, opened her small, sweaty palm to reveal four gleaming 50-cent pieces.

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In Woodend, Victoria, I came across the Mountain View Café milk bar, owned by Olympia Constantinou. Back then, before the supermarkets arrived, most of their business was in groceries. Constantinou, only one customer came in, to buy a candy bar.

Today, Mountain View’s business is mostly in prepared food to-go: pies, sausage rolls and egg salad sandwiches. Across the street, a chic two-year-old cafe called the Milko — the name of a well-known candy sold in milk bars, but also an old nickname for milk bars — was bustling.

We calculated all the wondrous things we could buy with two whole dollars at the milk bar, that once-ubiquitous staple of Australian life that is one part corner store, one part candy shop and sometimes a deli or news agent or neighborhood social club.

Sarah and I pushed through the school gates by our small selves and turned toward the milk bar.

The first MINISTOP overseas store opens in Seoul, South Korea by November 1990.

And in the year 1998 1,000 MINISTOP stores in full blast operation, 922 franchised stores and 78 stores directly managed.“Run away” is perhaps the wrong phrase, since we planned to walk home, but the pursuit of candy pulled us well off course.An adult found us some hours later strolling contentedly in the wrong direction, mouths sticky with sweets.The Black and White 4d was such a success that it soon spawned many imitators, particularly Greek-owned businesses.The name milk bar was applied to any general local store, whether it served milkshakes or not.But there are aspects of its history and demise that make it uniquely Australian.In 1932, Joachim Tavlaridis, a native of Greece who went by the name Mick Adams, opened the Black and White 4d Milk Bar in the Central Business District of Sydney. Tavlaridis was inspired by the soda shops he’d visited during a trip to America, but he decided to focus on flavored milk rather than soda at his own shop.He recently wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign to help him self-publish a book about milk bars, which will include his photography and a history of the milk bar by the documentary photographer Effy Alexakis and the sociocultural historian Leonard Janiszewski. But as early as the 1970s, the milk bar was taking hits that had little to do with real estate.“The introduction of Big M in the ’70s really shook the milk bar up,” Mr. Introduction Company Background MINISTOP is a convenience store franchise chain in Japan. By year July 1980 they open its first store in Okurayama in Yokohama, Japan.It was established in May 1980 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jusco Co. MINISTOP’s network breaks the 100 store mark with 80 franchised Stores and 20 stores directly managed by year May 1985.


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