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Conventional farms, which use the majority of manure in this country, are not regulated at all with respect to manure use.

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Residue levels in the range between the detection limit and the maximum limit were reported for many of the conventionally produced vegetables, but rarely did any exceed the maximum statutory amounts. report that nitrate concentrations were clearly lower in vegetables from organic cultivation.

Only traces were found in organic vegetables, probably from environmental contamination. Despite the limited nutritional differences supported by the scientific literature, organic food is clearly different from conventional in some notable characteristics. Higher nitrate levels in conventionally cultivated crops or in those treated with mineral fertilizers were found mainly in leaf, root and tuber vegetables.

D., MOFGA Director of Technical Services When I started to write this article, I couldn’t help thinking about the quote from an election campaign a few years back that went, “It’s the economy …”.

Well, here I have come up with, “It’s the environment …”.

So again, although there seems to be a trend it is hard to make a clear statement.

Regarding pesticides, the Woese review did conclude that there is a trend toward lower levels of pesticide residues in vegetables and vegetable products from organic production.

Another topic that is receiving attention since the Woese article is pathogenic E. Recent research at Cornell University has shown that cows fed mainly hay generate less than 1% of the pathogenic 0157: H7 infection.

Furthermore, only certified organic farms are required to follow guidelines on waiting periods between manure applications and crop harvests to enhance food safety.

Conventional growers vary considerably in all of these practices.

And, although we don’t like to think so, there is plenty of variation among organic growers too, especially when much of the organic food sold in stores is not certified organic.


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