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Students are expected to complete all content modules, participate in class discussions on topics relevant to the course, complete a collaborative review project, attend regular collaboration sessions, and review an essay, book or other literature important to the study of Comparative Government and Politics.

This course is not static; it is constantly changing as events such as elections occur.

However, the basic core of the discipline is the attempt to find common elements in the essence of political activity, dispute resolution, and the manner in which power is obtained, exercised and controlled.

The study of Comparative Politics concerns the behavior, institutions, processes, ideas, and values which are present in more than one country, and searches for those distinct patterns, similarities, and differences that help clarify the basic nature, structure, and beliefs of individual political regimes.

He received his Ph D in political science from Indiana University.

This Institute will focus on how to format your course to take advantage of relevant current events, such as the 2016 Presidential election, to not only stimulate student interest in the political process, but also to help you manage the time constraints of your class schedule.

Section II, the free-response section of the examination, consists of three mandatory sections.

The first question will consist of 5 definition and description items on basic concepts in political science; the second question will be a free response bullet essay concerning abstract conceptual and structural analysis; the last two questions will be free response bullet essays focusing on the six themes used in the course (history and political culture, social divisions, the formal structures of government, forms of participation, leadership groups, and policy issues), and will involve comparisons between the six "core" countries (Britain, China, Russia, Mexico, Iran, and Nigeria).

Comparative Politics contains subject matter of almost limitless diversity.

A political scientist interested in comparative government and politics might be found sifting through a computer analysis of a recent election, analyzing political history, interviewing a government official, or even observing a protest demonstration.


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