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(2) Daily Commuter: This refers to customers that goes to and from work, customers that deliver goods and services, customers that go for shopping and those that are just out for a drive.

These two markets will be penetrated to increase sales and patronization by deploying mobile facilities and drive through facilities in the most accessible and logical locations.

Though there is still competition with the traditional coffee shop ideas.

The Tasty Coffee Business has a significant competitive advantage over these competitors because of the following benefits: MARKETING STRATEGY For Tasty Coffee Business marketing, the drive through facilities will be put in places of high visibility and accessibility.

So budget them in and be liberal with the amount you will need to spend for each them.

We also recommend that you separate your personal finances with your business finances as early as possible.Below is a business plan sample of a typical mobile coffee cart business for other entrepreneurs to follow in writing theirs.BUSINESS NAME: Tasty Coffee Business Here is a free business plan for starting a mobile coffee cart business.In addition to the streaming audio interviews, you will have a number of resources to help get your coffee shop business plan together.From the fixtures and furniture pieces, to the plumbing, lighting, and coffee inventory, you will find that these items cannot be overlooked.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Tasty Coffee Business is a business with a new system where hot and cold coffee drinks will be provided to customers in an efficient way.Tasty Coffee Business is a specialty beverage retailer that will provide customers with opportunity to drive up to its facility and order their choice of coffee and other drinks.MISSION STATEMENT The mission statement of Tasty Coffee Business is to become one of the best and most popular mobile coffee cart business in the whole of California and in neighboring cities.Also, to provide customers with the finest quality beverage in the most efficient way.COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS There are four major competitors in the beverage industry; local coffee houses and cafes, the national specialty beverage chains, fast food restaurants, and convenience stores and they all have a dramatic distinction among them.However, when looking at head to head direct competitors; Tasty Coffee Business has none in the metropolitan area.


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