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Most of us have had the experience of sending by email something we wrote quickly—perhaps when rushed or angry.Often these are things we wouldn’t print, sign, and mail, because those extra steps give us time to consider our words more carefully, and also because we recognize a higher expectation that things in print should be trustworthy.

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After finding a website that seems useful and tracking down the author’s name, you may need additional research (perhaps using Google) to learn whether the author has any claim to credibility.

But of course, countless reliable sources can be accessed on the web, and even unreliable sources have some uses in research writing. Popular Sources for more about unreliable sources.) These days, many students and scholars use Web sources extensively in research and teaching.

To some degree, these categories distinguish more and less reliable sources of information.

But the distinctions are neither clear nor entirely stable.

For one thing, print publishing is more expensive, so many print publishers are careful not to make mistakes or to cut corners, in case what they publish turns out to be unreliable—and therefore useless.

Cite Online Database Essay

The seeming anonymity of the Internet also encourages some people to write things quickly, without checking to be sure of their facts or their conclusions. The DOI is used to help identify and access academic articles online. If you have a DOI number, you can visit and find out how to access the article by entering the number. It can often be found in the of an article or in the electronic record. (Private communications also have a different force of authority than deliberately published material; see Scholarly vs.Popular Sources for more information.) If in doubt about whether a given text should be considered public or private, we urge you to check with the original author before quoting it in your own work.When listing Internet sources in your References or Works Cited, the most important thing to remember is that your goal is to make it easy for a reader to consult your sources. As you will see in the discussion of specific categories, however, some of these items may be hard to determine.(This same goal is paramount when listing print sources.) For most sites, that means you should include the URL for the page you cite in your paper (the web address that begins “http”). The ease of using electronic sources of any kind can make it harder to keep track of where the source ends and your original contribution begins—and you must always keep that distinction clear.It’s much easier to publish information on the Internet than to publish a book or periodical in print.Since it’s easier, Web posters are not always as careful to make sure that the information is accurate.Even if you find the author’s name, Internet sources make it harder to tell what status that person has in his or her field.Is the author an expert, a fan, or just a crackpot?


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