Child Neglect Research Paper

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Many elders are physically and mentally able to care for themselves but many are not.

Those who are not able to take care of themselves usually have to depend on others for all their needs.

Many can agree that it is not just one or the other but a combination of both nature and nurture.

With that being said, when a child is maltreated, specifically neglected, not only is the child not being properly nurtured but also their environment is not conducive to a healthy and beneficial childhood....

“Many studies report that giving care to a physically disabled or cognitively impaired older person leads to caregiver burden”. 395) Over the past years there has been an increase in the number of elderly that have been subjected to violence and mistreatment....

[tags: Abuse, Physical abuse, Neglect] - Introduction Child abuse and neglect is a widespread and on going problem in today’s world.[tags: Abuse, Child abuse, Psychological abuse, Neglect] - “Child abuse and neglect affects children everywhere at every age, gender, race and income level” (Prevent Child Abuse Awareness Month).In the state of Tennessee, “any wound, injury, disability, or physical or mental condition which is of a nature as to reasonably indicate that it has been caused by brutality, abuse, or neglect; also includes sexual abuse” constitutes as abuse (Tennessee Child Abuse Laws).[tags: Child abuse, Neglect, Physical abuse, Abuse] - Child Abuse and Neglect According to Washington Statue ?? means sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, or injury of a child by any person under circumstances which cause harm to the child? or the negligent treatment or maltreatment of a child by a person responsible for or providing care to the child.. The signs of possible child abuse include, but are not limited to, sudden behavior change, untreated medical issues, difficulties in school, lack of adult attention, the child making excuses to stay away from home....[tags: Child abuse, Neglect, Abuse] - When we look at abuse and neglect, we often think that it is only children who are abused or neglected sadly this also happens to the elderly.[tags: Child abuse, Neglect, Physical abuse, Abuse] - In this paper, we will discuss the different types of Child abuse and neglect.How it affects all ages, genders, races and ethnicities are represented among both perpetrators and victims of abuse and neglect, with no particular group are protected.Neglect, a passive form of abuse, can cause detrimental effects physically, emotionally, mentally, behaviorally, and relationally to both infants and toddlers....[tags: Infant, Toddler, Development, Suffer, Neglect] - Research paper The way we rise our kids have a great impact on their lives.In their 2012 article, Gelles and Perlman state, “Victims of child maltreatment are at high risk for a host of adverse short and long-term outcomes, including chronic health problems, mental health issues, developmental delays, poor educational well-being, and future involvement with the...[tags: Child abuse, Psychological abuse, Abuse, Neglect] - In the field of Psychology there has been a long-standing debate on the topic of nature vs. Is it the environment that plays a part in what the child becomes or just simply how the child is raised that truly effects the child’s development and over all outcome as a person.


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