Causes Of Stress In Teenagers Essay

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If they keep quiet about their issues, one might develop serious health problems like heart disease, obesity or depression.

School can be stressful for many students because students are given challenging assignments and tests.

Among young people, there are several causes of stress.

Some including not being able to live up to their parent’s expectations, too much homework, failing a test, not being able to meet the deadline for a school project or worrying about his appearance.

Remember an IELTS essay is not quite the same as an academic essay you will normally write.

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It is can be more personal as you only have your own experience to support your answer with.Emotional effects include depression and low self-esteem.Stress can also result in violence due to frustration.There are the physical and emotional effects of stress.The physical effects of stress include developing chronic diseases.Some students do not know how to organize their time, they end up feeling confused and feel stressed with their life.Because some of these reasons, many young people find destructive ways to eliminate stress.Stress affects young people pushing them to commit crimes and make bad decisions that might affect their future, like dropping out of school and even committing suicide.To deal with stress young people should be taught how to share their bad experiences with their friends and family members.Of course exercising regularly is one thing we should do as this has been shown to increase endorphin levels and lead to feelings of happiness.Sleeping enough helps us to recuperate and restore our body.


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