Case Study On Leadership Styles In Schools

It makes the employees feel better about the work place if they feel that their opinions count. Stakeholdership Positive Workplace People focus Leadership Colleagues Work itself Involvement ... Management Theory, Practice, and Application, Section Three.

there are two basic management behaviour types: Theory X – authoritarian ... to steal confidential information and sell to other organization. Management and leadership are both important in an organization, but they seek ...

This study employed cross sectional survey research design whereby data were collected through questionnaires.

The data collected were analyzed by using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) software.

CHAPTER ONE BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY The school head is the executive officer in charge of any post primary instruction, may be a secondary school, a high school technical school, or a combination of all, for this study.

Therefore, the word school head principal, will be used.

This is a multidimensional influence because the director simply asks his staff and employees for their participation and input in overcoming this obstacle. effectively through increased productivity and performance and can reduce staff turnover, sickness absence and recruitment costs. This type of leadership involves the organization as a whole. this study is centered on academic staff in some selected private universities ...

Their values are liberty, justice, equality, peace, and humanitarianism because the director, staff, and employees have a goal in common, they are depending on each other, their prosperity will rise and fall together, and they share the results of overcoming this obstacle together. besides rewards are usually more important for engagement. Demonstrate to staff how their feedback is being used. Everyone in the organization works together in order to achieve the common goals and all share the achievement. Job rotation is a practice with which the management assigns an employee ...

Adhikari care for his guidance and advice whenever they receive from him in the day to day functioning of their respective hospital units. Adhikari went on an inspection of four units under his control. Adhikari went on a round of unit a [physiotherapy] which was working under the able charge of Dr. In this Unit, achieving day to day goals had become some kind of a routine for the group because, these goals and the procedures for achieving them had become very well known to all involved in achieving them as well as to the patients and during the round Dr. Kapoor to get the things done by giving some incentives to his subordinates as also closely monitor their performance. Kapoor to keep him informed on the progress achieved as and when convenient. Adhikari then went on a round of unit B [Psychiatry], which was working under the charge of Dr. In this unit also, the overall goals were well understood and supported.

Adhikari was expected to turn out high quality work and...


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