Cardiovascular Case Study

Worsening cases of these illnesses could be a major cause of weaknesses experienced by the patient (Blackburn, 2006).However, among the main signs and symptoms of COPD are shortness of breath and chest pains, which the patient denies.

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Peter Pappas, Franklin Surgery Center Administrator Amy Fuchs and SCA’s dedicated cardiovascular team spent several months preparing to launch a cardiovascular program.

The cardiovascular team helped Franklin leverage existing teammate skill sets, order the appropriate medical equipment and run a mock procedure to ensure a smooth roll-out of the program.

Secondly, the doctor orders the patient be administered with Digoxin 0.5 mg which is a considerably high dosage for cardiovascular patients.

Dosage of between 0.125 and 0.25 are the most appropriate as higher doses lead to no more improvement of the patients but may induce reactions due to toxicity (Everyday Health Media, LLC, 2017).

He seeks treatment in the clinic today for complaints of weakness.

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Homer states that for the past two weeks he has not had any pep and that he feels too tired to finish chores. He admits to a forty-year history of smoking cigarettes, and continues to smoke ½ ppd. Homer has brought his current medications with him, which include: ASA 81 mg daily, Hydrochlorothiazide 50 mg daily, and Aloe Latex (oral herbal).With regard to the above assessment, it is clear that the patient may be suffering from a heart- or kidney-related condition.With regard to these, the most appropriate tests and assessments that needs to be taken include a complete blood count on the patient, obtain a basic metabolic panel for the patient, and conduct a chest x-ray image to assess the physical appearance of the chest and an EKG image.The provider admits Homer to the hospital medical telemetry unit.Standard orders are written for blood tests and cardiac monitoring.“SCA is committed to being a great partner to our centers and physicians as they introduce cardiovascular service lines.At Franklin, we hosted a clinical PV training session that included the pre-op, OR and recovery room settings.” Marty Taglauer, RN, Manager of Cardiovascular Clinical Implementation The Franklin Surgery Center team successfully launched its PV program with three high-acuity PV procedures at the end of 2016.It is also important that weakness is one of the signs of a number of cardiovascular diseases including hypertension, COPD, heart arrhythmias among others (Siewe, 2012).It is also important to consider that the patient admits to more than 40 years of smoking, which is a major cause of heart related and blood vessels diseases.He states to take a swig of Aloe daily for my stomach. A physical assessment reveals Homers vital signs: T 37.1, P 120, R 24, and BP 108/76.His heart rate is irregular and an EKG demonstrates atrial fibrillation with a rate of 140 bpm.


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