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“You stay adaptable by monitoring the plan every day.

“You stay adaptable by monitoring the plan every day.

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“The times when I needed to be flexible were when we met strategic plan goals ahead of time and had to rewrite the plan to keep it current and relevant.” It’s important to be adaptable because nothing stays the same.

“It’s more important to be agile and take advantage of opportunities that weren’t foreseen and make adjustments,” says Morris.

Yes, creating a strategic plan is challenging, and it’s certainly time-consuming, but it will make all the difference in achieving your long term goals.

You’ll avoid making bad decisions and expending more effort than you need.

Conduct a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis. Short-term goals should include everything you (realistically) want to achieve over the next 36 months. “Even I was surprised about how helpful that action plan was,” he says.

By knowing where your business is now, you can make more informed predictions for how it can grow. “I cannot image approaching any significant project or business without one.” To align your team, you must communicate strategically.

A weekly review of your goals, strategies, and action plans can help you see if you need to make any modifications. Weekly check-ins allow you to reassess your plan in light of any progress, setbacks, or changes.

Having a business coach or mentor is great for this.

Just as with your company vision, have your personal vision written down in a 100-word statement. ” can help guide your strategic plan in a way that closes gaps and opens up opportunities. Review packet with the executive team by 9/15.” When The Alternative Board, Bradford West Director Andrew Hartley was responsible for designing and delivering a three year, m environmental business support program, a full and detailed action plan was required for funding.

Know that statement inside and out and keep it at the forefront of your decision making. A SWOT analysis can also help you plan for making improvements. For more on completing a SWOT analysis, see our SWOT analysis guide. “That action plan allowed me to 1.) manage and measure the evolving program, 2.) ensure resources and staff were where they needed to be, and 3.) track whether the design of the program was working and delivering the level of results we were contracted to deliver,” says Hartley.


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